How does easydash increaase transparancy?

A transparent decision-making process is a prerequisite for making the right choices to create added value. Easydash delivers validated and calibrated data, predefined analytics, and a drill-down to the most detailed bit of information.

We consolidate your company’s financial data from 75 different ERP systems into a single interface.

Always working with the same data structure is an undisputed advantage. Data is delivered in the same format – every single time – with our standard output interface. If you have more than 1 ERP in use, such as SAP and Oracle, that’s no problem. You’ll receive the data via the same structure. Easydash therefore guarantees sustainable reporting.

Our back end offers automatic data updating and synchronisation between your ERP system and the easydash database.

Your reporting is always up-to-date. With easydash, you can schedule an update with your prior accounting system at the interval that best suits your business requirements. Normally we schedule a routine update once per day, but this can be done more frequently, e.g. every 2 hours during monthly closing. This way you can focus on preparing your analysis.

Our financial visualisations are easy to follow, allowing you to check up on crucial KPIs for your business.

We know that every business is unique, though there are some core reports that are common across all businesses. Easydash delivers a set of predefined financial analytics for P&L, account balancing, working capital, cost center drill downs, and cost units. We work continuously to complement these analytics, hand-in-hand with our clients.

Because easydash is compatible with MS Excel, MS Power BI, QlickView, and Tableau BI front end solutions–among others–you have permanent access to every bit of your information.

Our analytics provide the foundation for finding your internal potential and freeing up your resources.

In particular, our working capital analytics allow you to extract the maximum from your own resources. Our clients have at least 10% better working capital than industry benchmarks, thanks to the drill down function. We are currently working on automatic predictive analytics based on machine learning and artificial intelligence. This gives you more time for analysis and decision making, rather than data preparation.

Your product trip

Easydash delivers validated data for predefined analytics. Drill down to the most detailed bits of information.
Income statement overview and a drill down of sales, purchases, and costs. Cumulative and monthly, current vs. last year.
Balance overview, accounts receivable, accounts payable, inventories. Current vs. last year.
Working capital key figures with drill down function. Identification of key drivers and potential improvements

What does easydash stand for?

Technical features


A transparent, easy-to-use tool with the ability to drill down to the smallest bits of information.

Quickly deployed

Basic installation – starting from 1 business day. For complex business groups, structures can vary.

Capable of drilling down

A drill-down function allowing access to the smallest bit of information.


Easily integrated with more than 75 ERP systems. A more detailed table can be found hier.

Automatically updatable

Automatic updating and data synchronisation scheduled to the client’s requirements.

Data validation

Automatic data validation – no manual tasks performed.

MS Excel; BI front-end compatible

100% compatible with MS Excel, MS Power BI, QlickView, Tableau etc.


Easily extendable to further ERP source systems. Especially helpful for M&A.

Multi-client capabable

Multi-client capability and integration of different companies and groups, even if they are not connected in between.

Which ERPs are included in our portfolio?

We support more than 75 ERP systems in our portfolio. For more information, please visit our FAQ section.

Business cases


During mergers & acquisitions, the owner of a newly acquired company needs to integrate it as soon as possible into the group’s reporting structure.


The integration of a newly acquired company into the group’s reporting normally requires time, knowledge, and experience. With easydash, you can speed up the process significantly – up to 90% faster. The foundation for successful implementation here is using the same mapping for all integrated entities, independent from the prior ERP system.


Working capital issues are a signal that your company is in trouble. Normally, companies finance their needs with bank loan.


Successful management of your working capital can save on interest costs from bank loans and increase your credit rating and the credibility of your business. Our predefined analytics allow you to get deep insight into your key drivers. Our drill down function allows you to analyse these down to the smallest bit of information. Tracking your clients and suppliers’ behaviour also allows you to act in advance, lowering credit limits, diversifying your contingencies, etc.


One of the most challenging topics on the CFO agenda is dealing with appropriate and timely planning – both for cash and the budget. There are many great reasons to plan properly. We focus on how to plan timely and precisely.


Based on machine learning and artificial intelligence, easydash will deliver cash and forecast plannings routinely. We reduce the human component to the most important task: thinking and making decisions. easydash helps you increase the probability of making the right choices for you, because we deliver an analytic output that is based on best-in-class financial know-how.