The lack of digital basics prevents CFOs from detecting and quickly responding to real-time business chalanges

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the Boston Consulting Group

“How Digital CFO’s Are Transforming Finance”

What does easydash do?

1. Calibrates financial data

We consolidate your company’s financial data from 75 different ERP systems into a single interface.

2. Automates data synchronisation

Our back end offers automatic data updating and synchronisation between your ERP system and the easydash database.

3. Provides intuitive financial analytics

Our financial visualisations are easy to follow, allowing you to check up on crucial KPIs for your business.

4. Allows you to focus on your own resources

Our analytics provide the foundation for finding your internal potential and freeing up your resources.

Why easydash?

Stay focused with easydash.


You’ll invest your time in analyzing information and making decisions instead of data management and reporting updates.

Less error-prone

Because we will automatically validate your data and no tasks will be executed manually, you’ll have a massive reduction in the rate of errors.

Easy dashboard

Our predefined intuitive financial analytics provide deep insight into your business processes and your opportunities for improvement .

Drill-down function

The drill down function allows you to analyse your KPI’s in depth and prepare ad-hoc analysis for specific purposes in no time.

How much does it cost?

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Our team


Vladislav Pouchkarov

Founder and CEO

Dimitris Paxinos


Müge Meydan

Sales and Marketing

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